In these 6 videos you can find out more about the characteristics of Atlaua waterproof notebooks.

Tests and reviews made to show all the peculiarities that make our products unique, perfect accessories for any outdoor adventure.

What are the differences between a classic notebook and an Atlaua notebook? Do they really resist water? This video tries to answer all these questions

With the Atlaua waterproof notebooks, write underwater with any type of pencil, without fear of smearing or imperfections, exactly as you would do in dry conditions.

Review of our ultra-resistant notebook by Sirio Sechi, to test the usefulness of Atlaua even in everyday life thanks to its incredible stone paper

We have created Atlaua for the most extreme passions, but some days in the office can become real adventures. Will our notebooks work out here too?

Washing machines, water, fire, knives and even adult men hanging on our sheets! Definitely the most extreme test conducted on our waterproof notebooks.

On the occasion of the 6th Sinnova 2018 innovation show we talked about our notebooks, explaining in a few words the main features of Atlaua products.