Atlaua wants to actively contribute to improving the environmental conditions of our planet.

Our notebooks are made using a 100% tree-free paper with reduced environmental impact, but all this is not enough and we want to actively contribute to an initiative that contributes to reforestation in the poorest areas of the planet, where trees mean food, economic wellness and social.

When we discovered Treedom we immediately convinced ourselves that it would be the ideal project in which to participate in order to make our small contribution to improving the health of the planet.

But what exactly does Treedom do? Plant trees.

On the site it is possible to create real forests thanks to which local farmers can derive economic and food sustenance while trees carry out another of their natural functions: absorbing CO2.

Every Atlaua notebook purchase will help plant an extra tree! We created our first Atlaua Forest in Cameroon by planting 10 trees


5 Cocoa trees

Cocoa is an evergreen that produces small flowers with five petals, white, green or pink, sprouting directly on the trunk or on the main branches; the luckiest flowers turn into the famous fruits.

It is planted for the production of high quality cocoa and to offer local farmers an additional source of income.


5 Banana trees

Banana is a giant herbaceous plant of the Musaceae family, which can grow up to 6-7 m in height. Originally from Asia, it is cultivated mainly in Central America, Tropical Africa and the Philippines.

Fruits only in tropical climates and need protection from the winds. It is planted for food use and for marketing its fruits.

Our forest its small but think that it is already capable of absorbing a quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere that would be enough to fill as many as 2,500 basketballs!

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