We are a company that manufactures and exports stationery products suitable for being used around the world in extreme conditions.

In our factories in Sardinia, we produce hand-made waterproof notebooks suitable for extreme sports and outdoor activities, combining the neoprene and the stone paper for their realization.

The choice of these materials allows us to create innovative items, specifically dedicated to those who love adventure, sport and extreme disciplines and that can use our travel diaries, unlike normal notebooks or agendas; under particular weather conditions.

The idea and the design

When we created the first notebook, we had in mind the needs of a person who does not want to give up writing while he enjoys his passions, even if they take place in extreme conditions.

The owner of the Waterproof Atlaua Travel journal loves climbing rock walls, camping, exploring the sea, and standing up to pedals of a mountain bike.

The three colours used in the logo, green, light blue and brown, indicate the uncontaminated nature, the dusty earth, and water, elements that anyone who loves outdoors activities knows well.