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The adventure book

Passions make us feel alive; it is a constant challenge for ourselves. We feel the adrenaline which helps us to overcome the limits or simply experience new adventures, sensations and discover new places.

Passions can be told, remembered, written. Atlaua, the name of an ancient Aztec divinity, God of water and adventures, is the name we have chosen for our travel journal and stationery products designed specifically for the needs of those who cannot give up writing while they enjoy their passions for sports, their travels, and adventures. Our products are designed to be the ideal custodian of your emotions mostly in extreme and risky climatic conditions.

accessori per campeggio ed escursioni. Spiral notebook waterproof
Quaderno in carta di pietra stone paper
Atlaua notebooks for under water survey
Atlaua quaderno trekking
atlaua, taccuino impermeabile per rilievi speleologici


The Atlaua travel journal is made of high-tech materials which withstand cold, heat, water, mud and any kind of weather conditions.

Thanks to the features they can be used in the humid environment where normal notebooks would deteriorate.

To create our travel journal we have used stone paper with minimal environmental impact and we have covered it with soft neoprene; an innovative material for the paper goods used especially by those who practice diving and water sports.

Rewrite your emotions Atlaua

We offer you a new possibility, a new way of writing your emotions. We have made a travel journal you can carry everywhere; your companion of adventures, challenges, and sports activities. You can use it underwater, in the freezing cold, in the rain, in a boat in the waves, after a ride on your mountain bike between mud and dust, while diving, snorkelling, trekking, and camping.

What kind of adventure do you like?

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