Waterproof notebooks

Write your adventures

With Atlaua Notebooks you can write underwater and on wet pages, using any type of pencil.

Protect your notes from water, mud, dust and dirt.

At the bottom of the sea, inside a cave or on a top of snowy mountain…

Write in any situation.

Atlaua Canyoning equipment
accessori per campeggio ed escursioni. Spiral notebook waterproof
waterproof diving notebook
Atlaua notebooks for under water survey
Quaderno in carta di pietra stone paper
Atlaua waterproof notebook for diving
Atlaua taccuino impermeabile per rilievi speleologici e mappatura grotta
attrezzatura speleologia atlaua
Extreme test

Made to protect your emotions

Each part of the notebook has been designed to withstand water and mechanical stress in extreme climatic conditions.

We use an ecofriendly stone paper, for the production of which no trees are cut down. We cover everything with a soft oil-free neoprene.